Dignified Publishing is the personal publishing ‘imprint’ of William E. Scholz.

William E. Scholz writes on economics, politics, and business. He also writes on science fiction and poetry. He is one of the most prolific writers of his generation. Have you met William? Read his Biography.

The Post Pandemic Economy

The Post Pandemic Economy argues for an urgent renovation of our world’s economic order. The world’s economic order hangs in the balance due to more than a decade of financial bail-outs that have weekend the petrodollar as the world’s standard currency. The world needs a peaceful revolution toward A New Global Economic Order.
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Open Capital Markets For Local Economies

A new era of economic growth is upon America bringing greater transparency, accountability, and visibility to local, privately held assets. New regulations, Federally-sponsored initiatives, and innovative technologies, such as Blockchain, allow for the American Worker to invest in local assets.
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Populist Elegance

“Populist Elegance” grapples with reincarnation, love, despair, God, and Country in William E. Scholz’s first volume of poetic works. What does “Populist Elegance” mean? It’s the simple life with rhinestone finishing and the seeking of beauty in the crowd. We all seek elegance amidst lives that no matter our race, creed, religion, or wealth are, for the most part, lived similar to one another.
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William E. Scholz Political Essays Vol. 1

William E. Scholz’s Political Essays span over forty essays that are styled as “Opinion Editorials.” Previously unpublished, these Essays reflect Scholz’s expansive knowledge and depth as a young Conservative Intellectual poised to build the Republican Party Platform of the Future.
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William E. Scholz Political Essays Vol. II

In his second collection of political essays, William E. Scholz expands on the Conservative ideological platform moving forward to a Republican Strategy for the post pandemic economy and the middle-half of the 21st Century.
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Musings And Machetes

In his second collection of poetry, William E. Scholz writes on how we all must take a machete to our prior attachments, earned in this life like muck, and step onto our True Path.
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