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Dignified Publishing is the personal publishing ‘Imprint’ of author William E. Scholz. Born in Erie, PA, with residences in Washington D.C. and Sacramento, California, William is an active and voluminous writer of Conservative business, economics, and political writing, science fiction, and poetry. Will, as his friends call him, is a shining light for advocates of Democratic-Republicanism.

Will earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Philosophy, and Theatre, within a Liberal Arts Bachelor’s of Science Degree curriculum from Gannon University in Erie, PA. He also graduated with his Master’s Degree in an innovative course that focused on the management and business logics of the Creative Industries from the Ivy-league equivalent University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland. While attending St. Andrews, Will was a bartender at one of the few independently owned and operated pubs in the region called Aikman’s Pub. At Aikman’s Pub, will learned how to pour a “Real Ale,” cask ales brewed in the United Kingdom that utilize a unique tap system because they are brewed without extraneous carbon dioxide. Will is a life-long and avid golfer, maintaining a near scratch handicap. While studying at the University of St. Andrews, Will had the opportunity to play St. Andrews Links, the most prestigious public golf course in the world. He also travelled extensively throughout Europe including to one of his favorite ‘spots,’ Zakopane, Poland, where he spent Holidays.

Will also completed coursework at a second Ivy-league equivalent Institution in the United Kingdom, Imperial College London, through a Global MBA program, earning “honors” citations in much of his coursework including Corporate Finance. The last portion of his studies, the Capstone, was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic and is currently being rescheduled for December, 2020. During his coursework, Will authored his first book, Open Capital Markets For Local Economies that explores how local economies can integrate the innovations of financial markets to build intergenerational wealth and local investment capital reserves for Cities outside of major coastal Cities such as New York City and Los Angeles. Will is a big believer that small to mid-size economies are both underrecognized and overshadowed in the early 21st Century, however, represent one of the most important growth opportunities for the United States domestic economy.

While in Erie, from August 2013 to November 2019, Will built two successful businesses, Radius CoWork, Erie’s first coworking space and a coworking leader across the State of Pennsylvania, and a personal consulting business where he worked on Federal Department of Defense supply chain initiatives. Will maintained an active career in Erie before exiting from Radius on great terms with his business partners and closing his consulting business. He volunteered on numerous organizations that include the following:

  • Erie Arts and Culture, a 501c3 Arts and Culture Foundation, where he served as a Trustee on the Grantmaking and Executive Search Committees.
  • Erie Downtown Partnership, a 501c3 Downtown and Business Improvement District, where he led an innovative safety and security initiative, and participated on additional safety and security initiatives related to the installation of privacy-oriented security cameras.
  • Erie’s Blues and Jazz Festival, a 501c3 Music Festival where he served as Chairperson increasing audience attendance, and budget revenue. In Will’s final year, the Festival saw attendance peak at approximately 15,000 to 20,000 residents across the three-day Arts and Music Festival. Will’s favorite musical genre is Electronic, followed closely by Rock and “Art-Pop.” He supports American Blues and Jazz music because he recognizes that American Blues and Jazz music is the foundation upon which most of our current musical culture and tradition is built upon, especially Electronic Music, which has origins in Detroit House Music, heavily inspired by Blues and Jazz sampling.
  • Penn State Erie, The Behrend College’s Public Policy Fund, as an advisory Board Member that met annually to help provide guidance on a new and emerging initiative of the University.
  • The Radius CoWork Art Gallery. The Radius CoWork Art Gallery was an early initiative of Radius CoWork that curated quarterly Fine Art Exhibits that showcased local artists with unique and edgy voices. Exhibits consistently saw thousands of attendees during their quarterly run and earned acclaim and praise from the local artist community. The Radius CoWork Art Gallery was a mainstay on The Erie Art Museum’s quarterly held Gallery Night featuring Erie’s best fine art exhibits and shows.

William E. Scholz’s voluminous collection of fiction and non-fiction works focus on key topics and themes that include the marriage of populism and elegance into a new Conservative movement for the mid-21st Century, the economic Renovation of economies to better address capital shortfalls and monetary imbalance, and in his fiction writing, issues related to time travel, mental telepathy, clairvoyance, and Family.

William is a devout practitioner of the Qabalah’s “Tree of Life,” an initiatory system that combines The Great Hebrew Language with religious principles and astrology. He is a daily practitioner of the Qabalah, utilizing the paths on the “Tree of Life” to center his psychological roots and foundation and devoutly adhere to God’s living will and testament. He is also Baptized in the Roman Catholic Faith and actively reads the New Testament Bible for key insights about his personal role model, Jesus Christ.

As a Businessman first, William E. Scholz has a portfolio of companies that span publishing and media, fashion and apparel, peer-to-peer, and data aggregation and interpretation. Will’s business philosophy is ‘to do unto others as you would have done unto you.’ He is an aggressive personality, on the phone, but ultimately builds business that make a meaningful contribution to society. He always seeks to explore innovative technologies and business models that can bring wealth, prosperity, and new distribution networks and productive capacities to Cities outside of the Coasts, America’s extraordinarily great small-to-medium sized economies. His success as a Businessman is largely contributed to his stoned-cold resolve and his ‘never-say-it-is-impossible’ approach. Will is an eternal optimist and believes that Businessmen and Businesswoman should NEVER be afraid to launch new initiatives, try new things, and expand their product lines. Those businesses that are afraid to do so are doing a disservice to themselves and to their customers.